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Subscription entitles the holder to:
-Voting privileges at the Annual Fall Meeting.
-Free admission to the Ohio River Museum in Marietta, Ohio.
-Free admission to the steam towboat W. P. SNYDER, JR. in Marietta, Ohio.
-One copy per quarter of the Reflector.
-Invitations to special events.

There is NO requirement for the subscriber to be a descendent of a riverman or woman, the only requirement is your interest in river history!

There are two classes of subscription - full & family.
Subscription is for one calendar year from January 1 through December 31. Prompt response of the subscription renewal notice mailed out on January 1 assures receipt of the March issue.

Subscribe in two of the following ways:
1) Print & fill out the Subscription Form and mail with check or money order to:

Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen
Sharon Reynolds, Secretary
1002 Oakland Drive
Paragould, AR 72450

2) Subscribe via PayPal selecting the options below (you will be directed to a secure PayPal site after clicking the Add To Cart button):
Note: Due to subscribing after February 15th, a $2.50 fee to send the March issue has been automatically added into the subscription price.

Subscription Type
New or Renewal?
Names of spouse and children.

You may be asking, why do I need to order and pay extra for back issues?
Answer: We are a small organization, and our Secretary sends renewal reminders once a year, in January. Because of this, and because we are not automated, we do not offer subscriptions like other magazines, which run from the time one subscribes or renews until a year later - our subscriptions run from January to January.

When someone joins/subscribes at another time of year, we must charge an additional fee for mailing any back issues. New issues are mailed, directly from the printer, via Third Class Mail. The printer does not keep back issues. We have extra issues, but when someone subscribes after February 15th, any of that year’s issues that person has not received must be mailed separately from Marietta, and those are mailed First Class. Therefore, if you do not subscribe by Feb. 15th, in order to cover our mailing costs we must charge an additional $2.50 per issue for those issues after February that you want. This fee applies only to back issues; regular Third Class mailing of each new issue is included in the yearly subscription fee of $35.00

For example, if you subscribe in July, you would receive the September and December issues in your mailbox. However, if you also want that year’s March and June issues, an additional $5.00 would be due ($2.50 x 2) for that year’s two issues you missed. There is no charge for the magazines themselves, only the First Class mailing of the year’s earlier issues you missed. The remaining issues are mailed at no additional cost, directly from the printer.