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Who We Are  

The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen (S&D) was established in 1939 to perpetuate the memory of Pioneer Rivermen and for the preservation of river history. 

Join the former and active riverboat captains, crew and their families, historians, artists, model builders and those with an interest in the history of the people and boats of the Mississippi River system in sustaining a uniquely American tradition. Subscription is not restricted to descendants of river pioneers, the only requirement for a subscription is in interest in river history!

81st Annual Meeting Updates - September 17th & 18th, 2021   

7/14/2021: It has come to our attention that some S&D members have received phone calls from the Lafayette Hotel mentioning the cancellation of the September weekend festivities. These phone calls or messages were sent in error, the September weekend festivities are NOT cancelled. If you received a phone call or message of this nature, feel free to call the Lafayette Hotel and ask for Julie or Melissa between the hours of 7 AM - 3 PM to streighten out the error and verify your reservation is indeed still on the books.